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July Freedom Collection

July 12 2021 – Jon Schumacher

July Freedom Collection
July Freedom Collection

Our Freedom collection, the month of Julys signature soap release, expresses just what we at Rowdy Roughneck Ranch find amazing about our country. Here is some of the thought we put into every bar of goat milk soap we make. We pair a look of colors, design, and texture with a thoughtful back story. This month’s collection respects the details of our nation and the history it gives to each of us.


The “America the Beautiful” set is envisioned by the poem and later song written by Katharine Lee Bates and later sung by many artists to include Ray Charles. Kathrine wrote in her diary about her trip to Pikes Peak, Colorado in 1983 to include sights such as the prairie of western Kansas and the sprawling mountain tops of the Rockies. Sights that would give her a stirring to describe them as amber fields of grain and in all their purple majesty. How about the fruited plain she saw along her journey that she saw the apple and cherry orchards! She experienced all the glory of Sea to Shining Sea between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, our two magnificent bookends!


Our 1776 set is to honor our founding fathers and their fight for independence. We have a goat milk bar that looks like a stout beer one of the patriots would have been drinking. Named after the basement bar frequented by Freemasons and Sons of Liberty, Green Dragon Tavern pays tribute to the “The Headquarters of the Revolution”, Freedom Trail honors the popular tourist adventure that allows visitors to walk the same historic paths our nation’s founders did 250 years ago. To pay homage to the great General and our nations very first President, Mt. Vernon’s Apple Orchards, represents the fruits of his labor. Whether it be the planting of apple seeds that bore the fruit of apples or the seeds he and his fellow planted that birthed our great nation, we still are harvest these seeds all these years later. Finally, we have Paul Revere, the midnight rider whose ride sparked the minute men of Lexington and Concorde to arms. This leather smelling goat milk soap honors Brown Beauty, the horse Revere rode that night and the saddle from which he shouted, “The British Are Coming!”


Our America the Beautiful set:

Amber Waves of Grain

-Amber waves of grain represents the golden colored wheat grown across the United States.

💙 Purple Mountain Majesty

-Purple mountains majesty represents the views of the Colorado Pikes Peak.

Above the Fruited Plain

-Above the fruited plain is referring to the fertile valley full of apple and cherry orchards.

💙 Sea to Shining Sea

-Sea to Shining Sea represents the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.


Our 1776 set:

Green Dragon Stout

-most of the Revolutionary War was planned in the basement of the Green Dragon Tavern.

💙 Brown Beauty's Saddle

-the suspected name of the horse Paul Revere borrowed for the Midnight Ride.

Mt. Vernon's Apple Orchard

-recognizing the 100s of apple trees George Washington planted at his home.

💙 Freedom Trail

-a history trail in Boston that connect many famous historical locations from this time period.


Our Patriot box set includes:

Sea to Shining Sea Goat Milk Soap

💙 Beeswax Sealed Cedar Soap Tray

Purple Mountains Majesty liquid beeswax lotion

💙 Above the Fruited Plain Beeswax Lip Balm

Amber Waves of Grain Beeswax Candle

💙 One of our Tub Tea

Patriotic themed kitchen hand towel

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